Featuring the 1st Multi-Family Passive House in Illinois

Pending construction in 2017, Tierra Linda is LUCHA’s first sustainability-oriented development, bridging affordable housing with green technology for low income residents of the City of Chicago. Located along the 606 Trail, Tierra Linda represents LUCHA’s commitment to transforming communities through community development and increasing neighborhood access to people who might otherwise fall through the cracks of Chicago’s increasingly exclusive housing market. Moreover, it is a step towards an equitable affordable housing field which approaches development through the lens of environmental sustainability.

One of the six-flat Tierra Linda buildings will also feature a Passive House – the first of its kind in the Midwest. This Passive House advances LUCHA’s commitment to green and sustainable housing by: (1) Employing continuous insulation through the entire building without thermal bridging; (2) Utilizing balanced heat- and moisture-recovery ventilation; and (3) Exploiting/minimizing solar gain. These enhancements lead to increased heating and cooling efficiency – thus contributing to decreased energy costs for renters. 

LUCHA sees the Passive House — and Tierra Linda as a whole — as a testament to the fact that everyone deserves access to high quality housing and a healthy space to live!

Health & Wellness

LUCHA has also planned a network of programming around Tierra Linda’s core values which advances individual and family health through a wellness framework. Tierra Linda programming was developed in partnership with agencies such as Enterprise Community Partners and the Illinois Public Health Institute, which joined LUCHA in creating a comprehensive Communtiy Health Action Plan to improve health outcomes for residents of LUCHA’s service areas. Now, with the leadership of LUCHA’s Health & Wellness Coordinator, this plan is on its way to fostering a healthier, more mindful culture in our community.