LUCHA has grown steadily since it was established in 1982 with a budget of $35,000 and one staff member to its current budget of $2.2 million and 25 staff members. LUCHA’s  programmatic footprint encompasses the greater Chicagoland area as well as parts of the Midwest. While all of LUCHA’s programs and services are designed to meet the cultural and linguistic needs of any low-income community member who faces an infringement of their housing rights irrespective of race or national origin, the organization’s demographic niche are the Latino and Spanish speaking communities. In 2016, LUCHA served over 7,000 clients (59% Latino, 28% African American, 7% Caucasian, 5% Asian, and 1% other). LUCHA’s client profile also includes individuals who are disabled, single mothers, victims of domestic violence, senior citizens, members of the LGBTQ community, and other classes of residents whose housing rights are often infringed upon in some capacity.

1) Affordable Rental Housing Development

2) Home Ownership/Foreclosure

3) Community Home Improvements

4) Client Supportive Services

5) The LUCHA Law Project