Introducing The LUCHA Law Project
LUCHA's Track Record of Success
LUCHA has a 32-year track-record of success as a housing counseling agency, a non-profit housing developer, and owner/manager for 153 units of affordable rental housing. We serve over 3,000 clients each year, with 60% being Latino and native speakers of Spanish. We are proud of our legacy, and have expanded to new programs in early 2014 to leverage our track record and better-serve our mission.
The LUCHA Law Project & LUCHA's Mission

The LUCHA Law Project promotes the availability of and access to housing for Chicago area low- and moderate-income households through legal representation, individual and public advocacy, supportive services and education. To this end, The LUCHA Law Project will serve as:


An Extension of LUCHA's Mission. The LUCHA Law Project is an extension of LUCHA's mission to affirmatively further fair and affordable housing. All services are provided in Spanish & English and reflect LUCHA's commitment to serving Latino and other high-need communities.


An Advocate for Fair Housing. The LUCHA LAW Project advocates for fair housing by connecting with and educating key housing and finance stakeholders on their legal responsibilities.


A Source for Community Education. The LUCHA Law Project educates community members on their legal rights and teaches them how to access those rights through negotiation, document filing, or referrals to government bodies for adjudication.


A Pro Bono Civil Law Firm. The LUCHA Law Project provides pro bono closings to as many of LUCHA's first-time homebuyers as resources will allow. As our success and resources grow, we will expand our legal services to include representation in other housing-related matters.


I became an attorney because of my commitment to advocacy, so I am honored to facilitate the addition of The LUCHA Law Project to LUCHA's program portfolio. Please consider supporting The LUCHA Law Project as you plan for your annual charitable giving to ensure that the law serves as a tool for community empowerment and justice.


In solidarity,


Juan Carlos Linares
Executive Director



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