LUCHA is pleased to announce Tierra Linda - a new construction project which will provide 42 units of affordable rental housing within Chicago's Humboldt Park and Logan Square communities by mid-2016. Tierra Linda (which translates to beautiful earth in Spanish) is an expression of LUCHA's commitment to developing sustainable, eco-friendly affordable rental housing units. In addition, Tierra Linda will provide its tenants with access to a comprehensive array of supportive services and education opportunities they can leverage to begin addressing their health and wellness needs on a social, emotional, and physical level. 

LUCHA's Building Development Team 

Pictured from left: Chase Morris, Building
Development Associate; Charlene Andreas,
Director of Building Development;
Alan Goldberg, Special Projects Coordinator;
and Alma Zamudio, Community Organizer.


LUCHA's choice to use the Tierra Linda built environment to help address Humboldt Park and Logan Square health and wellness concerns is based upon the organization's longstanding commitment of directing its energies towards community-driven initiatives. For example, LUCHA was invited to participate in the Landon Bone Baker Architects ShadeLab Wellness Initiative in 2010 - a project which mapped the physical assets, nature, and social life of a segment in the Humboldt Park Community. Data collected via ShadeLab's environmental assessment studies, community asset mapping, and neighborhood service/design projects indicated a prevalence of respiratory disease amongst many Humboldt Park residents.  


LUCHA is conducting community outreach in order to further its understanding of community health and wellness needs. This practice helps LUCHA remain true to its heritage as a community organizing body while also providing the organization with additional opportunities to solicit community input with respect to Tierra Linda's design, amenities, and overall services.



Alma Zamudio
LUCHA Community Organizer

Alma proudly displays
a Certificate of Completion
she earned after completing
an Urban Public Policy Fellowship.

This edition of Who's Who@ LUCHA? features Alma Zamudio, one of LUCHA's community organizers. Alma is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in Urban Planning and Public Affairs. Moreover, she has a rich work history within the public sector, including the creation of the UIC Heritage Garden Internship Program as well as completing internships with both the John Marshall Fair Housing Program and the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization. These experiences and others inspired LUCHA to hire Alma as a community organizer in May 2013 - a very prominent role which helps LUCHA cultivate an inclusive sense of community, build stakeholder buy-in for forthcoming property developments such as Tierra Linda, and better-pursue its mission on all fronts.


Alma notes her satisfaction with her role as a LUCHA community organizer:


I enjoy interacting with different community stakeholders, learning from people's experiences, and working with people who want to make their community a better place. In my job, I get to work with LUCHA's tenants, other community organizations, and community members who are passionate and motivated individuals. To this end, I have the privilege of helping leverage people's talents, skills, and passion into securing a home through LUCHA's housing initiatives as well as build community with our tenants.


Alma's skill and commitment as a community organizer is evidenced by the Tierra Linda's property development's growing success ... success which will ultimately allow Tierra Linda to be a community development in the truest sense possible.




April is Fair Housing Month, and this year marks the 46th anniversary of the 1968 landmark Fair Housing Act. As an organization that promotes and preserves affordable housing, it is important for LUCHA to consider the other resources available that also encourage fair and adequate housing. To this end, I have been privileged to serve since 2012 as a Commissioner with the Chicago Commission on Human Relations (CCHR) Board of Commissioners in order to help the City of Chicago better address Fair Housing Ordinance violations. CCHR accomplishes its work through many services and programs, as follows:

Juan Carlos Linares
Executive Director

About the CCHR


To assure full and equal opportunity to all residents of the city to obtain fair and adequate housing for themselves and their families, the Chicago Fair Housing Ordinance prohibits housing discrimination based on race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, disability, age (40 yrs. and over), sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, parental status, marital status, military discharge status, and source of income. A housing provider who violates the Fair Housing Ordinance may be ordered to pay damages to the victim, including attorney fees.


The Chicago Commission on Human Relations (CCHR) staff can answer questions and help with drafting a complaint. After a complaint is filed, the CCHR notifies each business or individual accused of discrimination by mail, with a deadline to submit a written response. The CCHR investigates the complaint and decides whether there is "substantial evidence" of an ordinance violation. If "substantial evidence" is found, the case proceeds to an administrative hearing before a hearing officer and a final ruling by the Board of Commissioners. Parties may settle a case at any time during the complaint adjudication process.



Sobre de CCHR


Asegura igualdad de oportunidad a todos los residentes de la ciudad para que obtengan una vivienda justa y adecuada para ellos y sus familias. La Ordenanza de Vivienda Justa de Chicago prohíbe la discriminación en la vivienda basada en la raza, color, origen nacional, ancestros, religión, discapacidad, edad, sexo, orientación sexual, identidad de género, estado paternal o civil, estado de descargo militar y fuente de ingreso Un proveedor de vivienda que viole la Ordenanza de Vivienda Justa puede ser ordenado a pagar daños a la víctima, incluyendo los gastos de abogado.


Personal de la Comisión de Relaciones Humanas de la Ciudad de Chicago (CCHR) puede contestar sus preguntas y ayudarle a redactar una queja. Después de llenar una queja, la CCHR le notifica por correspondencia a cada negocio o individuo acusado de discriminación, con una fecha límite para someter una respuesta por escrito. La CCHR investiga la queja y decide si ha habido "evidencia suficiente" de una violación a la ordenanza. Si se encuentra "evidencia suficiente", el caso se someterá a una vista administrativa frente a un oficial de audiencia y a una determinación final por la Junta de Comisionados. Las partes involucradas pueden resolver un caso en cualquier momento durante el proceso de adjudicación.



Call 312-744-5879 or stop by our offices at 740 N. Sedgwick, 4th floor 


Comuníquese al 312-744-5879 o venga a nuestras oficinas al 740 N. Sedgwick, 4to piso


You can also visit us at: 

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Tierra Linda Community Meeting: March 27

LUCHA's Building Development Team will be hosting a community meeting to solicit additional input on the Tierra Linda development. For more information, please contact Alma Zamudio at 773-276-5338 ext. 233 / azamudio@lucha.org.


Homebuyer Education Workshops: March 29

LUCHA's pre-purchase specialists teach a one-day course which helps clients learn to navigate the homebuying process so they can realize the dream of owning their own homes. All clients who complete the course receive a certificate of completion which makes them eligible to pursue specific mortgage products, potential down payment assistance, etc. For more information, please contact Maria Campos (773-276-5338 ext. 239 / mcampos@lucha.org). or Sue Haze (773-276-5338 ext. 235 / shaze@lucha.org).


Foreclosure Prevention Workshop: March 26

Are you or someone you know facing the threat of foreclosure? LUCHA can help. For more information, please contact LUCHA's Borrower Help Center at 773-489-8484.



The mission of LUCHA is to provide decent and affordable housing, housing services and education to low and moderate income Latinos and other residents. LUCHA fosters community stability in neighborhoods lacking adequate housing due to discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, religion, familial status, and disability.



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