LUCHA & The 606 Trail Opening Celebration


LUCHA was excited to celebrate the opening of the 606 Trail on Saturday, June 6th, 2015 ... a day which featured happy faces and plenty of sunshine! Many community members expressed their admiration for the 606 Trail's design and beauty, and children were excited to have a place to ride their bikes without fear of vehicular traffic. Families from Stowe Elementary school and community residents from Drake Avenue visited LUCHA's tent (hosted at LUCHA's Tierra Linda Site at the corner of Drake and Bloomingdale Ave) to enjoy complimentary refreshments and relax after walking the 606 Trail for the first time.  


LUCHA's staff used the 606 Trail Opening Celebration as an opportunity to engage Humboldt Park community members in a discussion about the neighborhood, the 606 Trail itself, increasing rents due to gentrification, and the continued need for affordable housing. These discussion topics reflect LUCHA's commitment to ensuring that the 606 Trail can (and should) be viewed as a community amenity, as it will serve as tool to help community members better pursue health and wellness. But the process of gentrification (which often facilitates amenities such as the 606 Trail) also forces long-term residents to relocate (due to the resultant rent increases). LUCHA's work to preserve existing and build new affordable rental housing developments within Humboldt Park helps address the foregoing gentrification concerns.

In fact, several of the properties which comprise LUCHA's forthcoming 42-unit affordable housing development - Tierra Linda - will be located near the 606 Trail. Tierra Linda will be unique in the portfolio of LUCHA developments given that it will: (1) Feature green and sustainable construction (including a low-energy passive house); (2) Provide residents with an environment and opportunities that promote health and wellness in conjunction with targeted supportive services; and (3) Feature two retail spaces which will provide programs and services which enhance LUCHA's pursuit of its mission.


LUCHA will be sharing more on Tierra Linda and its benefits in the coming months. Stay tuned! 

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Coming Soon: The LUCHA Online Tenant Portal

The LUCHA Tenant Portal will be an internet site where LUCHA tenants with email addresses will soon be able to pay rent and request work orders online. The portal will be part of a new property management software system LUCHA is using called AppFolio.


The LUCHA Tenant Portal is expected to “go live” in July 2015... so there are few housekeeping notes you may want to read before then:


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