Resident Resources

Account setup takes only a couple of minutes! Tenants who share their email address with LUCHA will receive an email invitation to set up a tenant portal account.  The invitation includes a link to a page with a few questions for tenants to answer. Tenants then create a password and log in.

Click the “Tenant Portal” button. There is an e-check option that requires access a tenant’s bank account information. If you do not have a bank account, you cannot pay rent on the portal. After entering bank account information, tenants can authorize that their rent payment be taken directly from their accounts and paid to LUCHA.  There are no fees charged for the e-check payment! Tenants are also able to check their charges, balances, and payment history through the portal.

The LUCHA Tenant Portal is operated using strict internet safety and security standards for receiving confidential financial information.  Tenants will need to be sure the computer they are sending information from is also safe and secure.

To place a maintenance request, please contact Assistant Property Manager Evelyn Vega at 773-276-5338 ext. 225 or

For EMERGENCIES (examples: no heat, plumbing leak) outside of regular business hours (9:00 am-5:00 pm): Please call 866-504-3612.

LUCHA transitions households towards greater stability through outreach, informal one-on-one relationship building, formal life management counseling to resolve crisis, intensive counseling to address medium and long term goals, resource referrals, programming, leadership development, and eviction prevention.

LUCHA’s Resident Services Program... 

  1. promotes stability, growth, and economic self-sufficiency of LUCHA households as well as external households
  2. promotes health, wellness, and sustainability
  3. engages LUCHA residents in activities within LUCHA as well as the broader community to build a stronger sense of belonging. 
  • Do you want to give LUCHA your email address so that you can receive an invitation to set up a tenant portal account?
  • Do want to know more about how to get an email address?
  • Do you want to know more about how to open a bank account?
  • Other questions? Contact Property Manager Richard Barajas at 773-276-5338 ext. 256 or
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