PlayStreets 2020

PlayStreets is a collaborative initiative for healthier and stronger communities by creating safe and accessible residential play areas for kids to be active, to learn, and for neighbors to come together. 

The goals of Playstreets are to:

  • Keep kids and families active during the summer months
  • Provide health education
  • Foster community safety and increase community cohesion

This summer, LUCHA’s PlayStreets will be virtual. For each event, we will have a live Zoom activity, as well as a challenge that you can photograph, film and post about on social media. We will provide all the materials and deliver them to your home. Please RSVP the week before so we know that you plan on participating.

We can’t wait to see you this summer!

Please contact Emma Epstein at 847-920-4289 or to sign up and for more information.


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