LUCHA (the Spanish word for “struggle”) advances housing as a human right by empowering communities – particularly the Latino and Spanish-speaking populations – through advocacy, affordable housing development, and community building.

Founded in 1982, LUCHA has evolved into one the Midwest’s premiere housing advocates. LUCHA has effectively organized community members to fight for better housing services from both public and private sectors. It also works with community residents to access housing products and services, provide housing counseling, and coordinate technical assistance. Engaging in this work led LUCHA to develop subsequent buildings using green construction, Passive House, and integrated health and wellness programming. Today, LUCHA continues advancing housing as a human right through these initiatives which ensure that everyone has access to resources which enable their households to thrive.


LUCHA aspires to build empowered, thriving communities and further access to equitable and fair housing.

  • Housing is a human right.
  • Fair and affordable housing is worth fighting for.
  • Housing equity builds community wealth.
  • Diversity enriches and contributes to community.
  • All people deserve respect and dignity.
  • We are transformed in our service to others.
About Us-History


Founded in 1982, LUCHA is both a US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-approved housing counseling agency as well as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO). The LUCHA acronym is also the Spanish word for “struggle,” which reflects the organization’s history of leading the struggle against discrimination, housing displacement, systemic inequity, and patterns of injustice which impact members of Chicago’s low-and moderate-income Latinx and African American communities.

Anchored in Humboldt Park, LUCHA was born out of the Puerto Rican community as it organized for equitable housing. As part of its central commitment to racial equity via affordable housing creation and preservation, LUCHA has built and currently manages 198 units of affordable rental housing divided across four developments spanning Humboldt Park, Logan Square, and West Town:

  • Humboldt Park Residence (HPR) – a 68-unit SRO facility

  • Borinquen Bella – a 47-unit scattered-site development of one-, two-, and three-bedroom units

  • Madres Unidas – a 36-unit scattered-site development of two- and three-bedroom units

  • Tierra Linda – a 45-unit, scattered-site, affordable housing development currently under construction, built to green standards and enriched by a Community Health Action Plan formed in partnership with Enterprise Community Partners.

Additionally, LUCHA serves over 1,300 low- to moderate-income clients per year (62% Latinx, 31% African-American, 3% Multiple Races/Ethnic Groups, 3% Other/Not Reporting, and 1% White) through programs and services across four main modes:

  1. Advocate (Community Law Program, eTOD, and community organizing)

  2. Educate (homebuyer assistance, foreclosure prevention, and financial capability)

  3. Build (affordable housing development, home repairs, property management)

  4. Connect (resident services, Project JumpStart, community health and wellness)

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