LUCHA welcomes new Board Member & Development Associate



Trevor Tejada-Gervais  – Organizing Director

Trevor Tejada-Gervais recently joined the Board of Directors at LUCHA with a decorated career at such a young age. Having previously served as the Southern Arizona Field Director and Central Las Vegas Get Out The Vote Director for President Obama’s reelection campaign and as the White House Intergovernmental Affairs intern in 2013, Tejada-Gervais brings a talent for organizing which will greatly benefit the organization.

We caught up with Trevor to learn more.

Tell us a bit about your position with Common Cause.

As Midwest Organizing Director, I work with our staff and leaders in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois to build people-powered democracy campaigns. For example, in Illinois we recently passed Automatic Voter Registration, which is expected to register more than 1.1 million people to vote in the coming years.  From fair redistricting in Ohio, to money in politics reforms in Illinois, I’m excited to continue fighting for state victories that ensure everyone has equal access to our democratic process.

You are a weekly panelist on Reverend Jesse Jackson’s nationally-syndicated radio program “Keep Hope Alive”. What is the unique voice that you bring to Reverend Jackson’s radio program & how do you remain hopeful in the midst of your work?   

I am the youngest panelist on the Keep Hope Alive show, so I work to bring a youth perspective to organizing and activism. Bridging the gap between the civil rights icons of the 1960s and new student organizers is a passion of mine, and seeing how effective that collaboration can be brings me hope!

How are you hoping to serve LUCHA as the organization’s newest Board Member and what do you envision for the organization moving forward?

I’m excited to support the efforts of the entire LUCHA team, and I’m especially interested in working to build connections with different community groups while expanding upon organizing efforts. I experienced housing insecurity when I was young, and being a part of a team committed to serving families through housing, programming, and organizing is an incredible opportunity!


Lisette Arzuaga – Development Associate 

What were you up to prior to working at LUCHA?

Prior to working at LUCHA, I had just finished my M.A. in Women’s & Gender Studies at DePaul University. As I completed my degree in June 2017, I was also wrapping up two graduate student employee positions at DePaul as well as my role as a Development Intern with La Casa Norte, another Logan Square/Humboldt Park community organization.

Tell us a bit about your work at LUCHA.

As part of the Development team here at LUCHA, my work focuses on fundraising and branding/marketing. I am here to invest in creating and continuously strengthening LUCHA’s relationships with its communities – our already existing and potential clients, donors, community partners, etc. The fundamental goal is to base all of our efforts in LUCHA’s mission of advancing housing as a human right.

What are you most looking forward to in this position?

I am excited about the ways in which this position and the work I do here highlight the necessity of human connection and collaborative work. It’s a great opportunity for me to build relationships and effort across communities, personally and on behalf of LUCHA. The world we live in discourages connection and collaboration, so I’m particularly humbled and honored to do work that pushes back against that.

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