LUCHA is Growing!



Join LUCHA in welcoming the newest member of our team, Eduardo Sanchez! Eduardo brings expertise in maintenance, construction, and welding. In addition to ongoing maintenance on each of LUCHA’s 153 affordable housing units, the maintenance team performs repairs to the homes of seniors in our community.

Sponsored by the City of Chicago, the Small Accessible Repairs for Seniors (SARFS) program helps seniors remain independent and age in their homes through simple home improvements. Our dedicated maintenance team installs handrails, modifies bathrooms, repairs floors and widens doorways to make homes safe and accessible in order to accommodate the mobility needs of aging residents. In 2017, LUCHA completed 30 community home repairs at no cost to seniors. Eduardo’s efforts will increase LUCHA’s capacity to carry out home repairs for seniors in the neighborhood, as well as maintain the 45 units of Tierra Linda upon completion.

Additionally, LUCHA is also hiring a Home Repair and Weatherization Manager to help local homeowners plan and carry out repairs which will save energy costs and enhance accessibility – spread the word!

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