Housing Justice


In 2017, LUCHA convened like-minded community organizations to draft the Pilot Act for the Preservation of Affordable Housing, also known as the 606 Residential Area Preservation Ordinance, in order to stabilize the rapidly gentrifying Humboldt Park and Logan Square neighborhoods and keep long-term homeowners and renters in their homes. The Ordinance imposes higher demolition and development fees on developers who want to raze multifamily housing in favor of new construction single-family luxury homes along the 606 Trail’s western edge.

Since construction began on the trail in 2013, property values in adjacent residential neighborhoods increased by 48.2%. The Trail’s opening in 2015 further accelerated increases in rents and property values which has depleted affordable housing stock and replaced it with high end luxury units, resulting in an exodus of long-term low- to moderate-income households. Presently, the Ordinance is still in committee. Join us in supporting our community partner, the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, as they door knock throughout the neighborhood and host a Teach-in and Rally for Housing Justice to move this Ordinance forward.

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