Home Repairs help 25-year resident remain in Humboldt Park

When Blanca Rodriguez moved to Humboldt Park 25 years ago, her home was strong and sturdy. Over time, drafty ceilings, faulty doors, and damaged floors all took their toll on her family’s quality of life.

“These problems I had with my house affected my life. For a while I worked; I held a daycare for children here, a business. But after a while I wasn’t working, and economically, I had to ask for help because I didn’t have enough income to repair the house,” remarked Blanca. Despite help from her husband, daughter, and granddaughters who reside with her, Blanca’s limited income didn’t stretch far enough to stay on top of routine repairs.

Neighbors told Blanca that LUCHA had assisted other homeowners with repairs in the neighborhood free of cost. After reaching out to LUCHA, Blanca was ecstatic to find that she qualified for the program. “I didn’t have to pay anything. They did all of the repairs and I’m very grateful,” exclaimed Blanca. Via the SARFS program, LUCHA insulated the roof, installed new flooring in the kitchen and bedroom, and replaced two doors for Blanca and her family. “For me, the repairs have worked out really well. I received a lot of help with this house for problems that I didn’t have the money to hire someone for. It’s been really good.”

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