Health & Wellness Summer Partnership with Operamatic

This summer, LUCHA partnered with Operamatic, a local arts group, to host a series of six “Sidewalk Celebrations” on the sidewalks of streets surrounding Simon’s Park.

Each of the six celebrations brought neighbors together to make paper flowers, enjoy music, and experience obstacle courses with clown guides. The goal of the sidewalk celebrations was to promote community safety and togetherness by providing fun, family friendly activities on the blocks. Neighbors got to know each other, and many families became regulars at the celebrations.

The sidewalk celebrations concluded in a “Joyful Passage” celebration, where Simons Park was transformed into a giant obstacle course on a Saturday night. Neighbors celebrated with food, tree climbing, shadow puppets, and illuminated flowers. It was a transformative event and LUCHA looks forward to more partnerships with Operamatic in the future!

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