Fighting Climate Change through Affordable Housing

 Advocate - Yale Climate Connections
Executive Director Juan Carlos Linares recently spoke about LUCHA’s latest affordable housing development Tierra Linda with Yale Climate Connections, a nonpartisan, multimedia service that offers programming focused on issues of climate change.
When a sleek, eco-friendly housing development pops up in an urban neighborhood, the natural inclination is to assume that the cost of living of those units would price out most other residents on the block. Linares shared that though Tierra Linda’s rental units are in fact new and eco-friendly, they won’t displace residents – they intend to do the opposite. Tierra Linda is innovative in that its goal is to offset the effects of gentrification (e.g. displacement) with the presence of affordable, energy-efficient homes, proving that these types of units are not an exclusive privilege for the wealthy. As such, these developments are a testament to the fact that everyone deserves a decent, healthy living space.
“We’re hoping that tenants save over $1,100 in annual utility savings, and that’s more than a month’s rent for any one of these units,” said Linares in reference to the Passive House, one of the twelve multi-family buildings that comprise Tierra Linda. Listen to the entire program.
For more on Tierra Linda and its impact along the 606 Trail, click here.

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