Tierra Linda Update: Wall Panels & Color Schemes

As the months pass, more and more milestones are met and with each passing milestone Tierra Linda is becoming closer to its completion. Upon completion, Tierra Linda will serve as a solution to the lack of affordable housing crisis for many families. As of the middle of this month, excavation had been completed on all 12 sites and the next step of installing footings and foundations at several of the sites is already underway. Roughly one-third of all sites have had their underground utilities installed and at this very moment, pre-fabricated wall panels are en route to several sites with the 1421 Artesian Ave site likely being the first to have its structure mounted into place.

It’s not all bricks and mortar – these firm foundations need to color, too! After a meeting on October 16th, the finishes and color schemes have been finalized. Each of the 6-flats will have the same blue color scheme while the 3-flats will have 2 color schemes, one blue and the other green.

After spending the end of September through early October in Seattle at the 12th Annual North American Passive House Conference, Director of Building Development Charlene Andreas returned with a renewed perspective both on the Tierra Linda development and also on LUCHA’s stalwart property, the Humboldt Park Residence. She remarked, “I started thinking about HPR in a new way…not that we could completely restructure things because it’s an old building and it would be costly, but looking forward I think there is a lot we could do incorporate ‘green-building’ and sustainability.”

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