LUCHA Goes FinTech

LUCHA is proud to partner with the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) and JPMorgan Chase on the Chicago Nonprofit Fintech Distribution Pilot Program. As one of three non-profits selected in the pilot, LUCHA will expand the options of financial technology (fintech) solutions offered to our clients over the twelve month period. The Program has two key objectives: (1) to assist clients with solutions that help build financial health; and (2) to identify process and implementation insights that inform nonprofits and funders seeking to deploy a replicable and scalable model to distribute fintech products through a direct service organization.
CFSI facilitates and supports partnerships between nonprofits and fintech providers. Nonprofits such as LUCHA work directly with financially underserved households, building trusted relationships in order to address their clients’ financial challenges. Fintech providers leverage mobile and online technology to create new products and tools to help users more easily manage their financial lives. Partnerships between the two offer the potential to create a powerful combination of innovative technology tools and supportive relationships with trusted partners – all with the goal of building financial health.

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