LUCHA’s community gardens create healthy food systems that feed healthy communities.

Having begun gardening only a handful of years ago, LUCHA is still getting its feet wet in the urban agriculture scene, but is quickly learning how its gardens can enhance the livelihood of tenants. Over the years, the assistance of a local gardening expert as well as a microgreen entrepreneur, LUCHA has established garden beds within the HPR courtyard for produce and plans to develop a garden on Drake Avenue upon completion of Tierra Linda.

Tierra Linda Garden Pilot Project

As part of LUCHA’s Health and Wellness Initiative, LUCHA created the “Tierra Linda Garden Pilot Project” in May of 2016 to educate LUCHA tenants and community members on a variety of hands-on gardening practices. In partnership with Closed Loops Farm, a local for-profit sustainable urban farm endeavor in Chicago, LUCHA tenants and local community members were invited to weekly hands-on gardening lessons on urban agriculture to learn about the seasonal and local crops. This gardening adventure took place on a plot of land owned by LUCHA that would eventually become a construction site for a new Tierra Linda development.

Connecting the Garden to the Kitchen

In the summer of 2017, LUCHA’s Health and Wellness Fellow joined the team and has since been integral in providing leadership for the development of LUCHA’s gardening initiatives. With the addition of the Health & Wellness Fellow, LUCHA has made a concerted effort to include produce from the garden into the organization’s weekly cooking classes held at HPR.

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