LUCHA’s community gardens create healthy food systems which feed healthy communities.

As part of LUCHA’s Health and Wellness Initiative, LUCHA created the “Tierra Linda Garden Pilot Project” in May of 2016 to educate LUCHA tenants and community members on a variety of hands-on gardening practices. In partnership with Closed Loops Farm, a local for-profit sustainable urban farm endeavor in Chicago, LUCHA tenants and local community members were invited to weekly hands-on gardening lessons on urban agriculture to learn about the seasonal and local crops.

LUCHA designated a portion of the Tierra Linda plot for farming. In addition to continuing a partnership with Closed Loop Farms for weekly gardening classes, LUCHA’s Health and Wellness Fellow joined the team in the summer of 2017. The fellow works alongside Closed Loop Farms to further educate LUCHA tenants on green features and healthy lifestyle practices throughout LUCHA’s developments, specifically Tierra Linda.

For more information, please call 773.276.5338 x 223 or email our Health and Wellness Fellow, Rachael Wilson.

Closed Loop Farms

LUCHA is pleased to be working closely with Closed Loop Farms, a network of farms in the Chicagoland area, with a mission of building a resilient local food ecosystem between farm and consumer.

Sustainable Gardening

Hands-on gardening programming allows LUCHA tenants to experience the joys and hard work of growing and harvesting local crops right in their own community while engaging in healthy lifestyle choices.