Mariana Osoria has been a national trainer and facilitator for the past seventeen years. She has worked in the field of social service for the past twenty five. Mariana received a Masters Degree from the University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration. Ms. Osoria has had extensive experience working in diverse training settings. She has had the opportunity to train educators, social workers, community developers, and managers. Mariana has a deep commitment to continued learning and sharing that learning with other professionals. She utilizes life-long learning as a guiding principle for herself and her work.

Mariana began her social service career when she was about ten years old helping her family fill bags of grocery that were later to be distributed to needy families. This was just the beginning of a career that is focused on giving back and building community. After receiving her BA she began to work with some of the Chicago area’s most needy families. Ms. Osoria’s experience spans from working in the court system, in community based organizations, and educational system. Her work as a case manager for families involved with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services solidifies her desire to work in the field of social services. Building on that work Mariana moved to Youth Guidance whose programs are school-based. She now has over twenty years of experience delivering social services. Ms. Osoria has a deep understanding of the systems that impact community development. Ms. Osoria has honed her knowledge and understanding of resiliency and strength-based approaches. Ms. Osoria has utilized this knowledge to implement successful programs and to provide training, workshops, and technical assistance to all levels of staff. It is her commitment to share this knowledge in order to impact more youth and families.

In reflecting on what work to continue to explore Ms. Osoria felt a need to begin working more closely with families before their children even entered the school system. Family Focus was the perfect fit for the next step in Ms. Osoria’s professional career and personal commitment. The mission of Family Focus to promote the wellbeing of children from birth really is the driving force for her move to this organization. In addition, delivering service right in the community, being able to respond holistically and responding to and working with the community is at the center of her choice to shift her career to Family Focus. At Family Focus she has held the position of Assistant Director, Director and her current role is Vice President of Centers.

Mariana continues to give back to the community in numerous ways outside of her organization that include sitting on boards of directors, volunteering in her children’s school, and engaging in volunteer opportunities in her community, whether that is connecting with her neighbors to clean up the community or connect neighbors in need with local services and programs. A community driven approach is central to Mariana’s philosophy.

Mariana is also an adjunct faculty member at Erikson Institute and has been a guest lecturer at Loyola University and the University of Chicago.