Delia C. Ramirez, President
Born and raised in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago, Delia Ramirez was highly-involved with her local church during her formative and adult years. This involvement provided her with leadership and travel opportunities through which she developed a strong commitment to community development as well as a professional skill-set which equipped her to act upon that commitment.

To this end, Ms. Ramirez began working for Humboldt Park Social Services (HPSS) at the young age of 18, and she was promoted to Executive Director at the age of 21 – a role she held for nine years. Under Ms. Ramirez’s leadership, HPSS tripled its operating budget, quadrupled its number of employees, increased its service delivery to over 2,500 community households.

In 2005, she founded the Center for Changing Lives (CCL) – a community support center that provides housing, employment, and case management services for the homeless and families at-risk of becoming homeless in the Logan Square and Humboldt Park areas. Ms. Ramirez also led the successful implementation of the organization’s five-year strategic plan and the development of a new strategic plan that was adopted in late 2010 with a focus on resource development, sustainability, and strengthening infrastructure.

Ms. Ramirez left HPSS in 2013 to pursue a one-year Emerging Leader Fellowship from The Chicago Community Trust which provides leadership training, professional development training, and the opportunity to conduct community development research both nationally and internationally.

The completion of that fellowship, together with her proven ability to address community issues, moved the United Methodist Church of the Northern Illinois to appoint Ms. Ramirez as its Director of Administration and Community Engagement for Humboldt Park United Methodist Church in April 2014. In her leadership role, she worked to build a community social justice center and assess and develop initiatives for creative facility developments and cost efficiency.

In February 2016, Ms. Ramirez became the Deputy Director of Community Renewal Society, one of Chicago’s oldest faith-based social justice organizations. In her new role, she will promote economic justice through assisting with managing the organization’s Development, Communications, Organizing, and Policy Units.