Re-connecting community members to community biking activities.

As part of LUCHA’s Health & Wellness initiative, LUCHA has integrated programming focused specifically on bike usage and repairs to empower residents to lead healthier, more communal lives.

For some, biking is a leisure activity with the benefits of fresh air, exercise, and relationship building, and LUCHA is committed to ensuring that tenants continue to have access to these amenities. For others, many of whom occupy LUCHA properties, biking equals economic livelihood, acting as the only mode of transit to places of employment. Providing and maintaining bikes, therefore, is a form of financial empowerment.

Biking History

In 2016, LUCHA partnered with Landon Bone Bakers Architects’ (LBBA) bikeLab Program to create a plan to make our Humboldt Park Residence a bike-friendly space. Issues to address included bike storage issues and health concerns such as combating child obesity via a bike initiative. 

Alongside the LBBA bikeLab Program, LUCHA hosted a Family Bike Day in June of 2016, where families were invited to get together to learn how to perform basic bicycle repairs and highlight the various benefits of biking. The day also included bike repair diagnosis, flat tire repairs, and information on bike safety rules.

Partnership with West Town Bikes

LUCHA also maintains a strong partnership with West Town Bikes, a local non-profit that offers free or low-cost bicycle repair workshops to community members. We held our first Bicycle Repair Workshop after learning that many of the tenants in HPR needed assistance with bike maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. During the workshop, tenants bonded over their love for biking. Tenants have expressed an interest in developing a bike club to organize group rides to promote health and community.

West Town Bikes continues to host open an open workshop for any tenants to work on their bikes. For more information, please call Alan Goldberg at (773) 276-5338 ext. 223 or email

Health & Wellness Bike Riding

During the warm spring months, throughout the summer, and even into fall, LUCHA hosts periodic bike rides, many of which take place along the 606 Trail. Tenants and staff alike get together and enjoy leisurely bike rides with community members. These events allow for relationship-building and are directly tied to LUCHA Health & Wellness goals of providing opportunities and resources for tenants to live healthy lives.

During the summer of 2017, 30 families throughout all of LUCHA developments received bicycles, locks, & helmets from the Trust for Public Land which were distributed by West Town Bikes. Moments like these give our bike riding initiative a promising future!