Re-connecting community members to

community biking activities.

As part of LUCHA’s health and wellness initiative, LUCHA integrated programming focused specifically on bike usage and repairs to empower residents to lead healthier,  more communal lives.

LUCHA partnered with Landon Bone Bakers Architects bikeLab program to help LUCHA create a plan for making the Humboldt Park Residence more bike and biker friendly. For example, discussions were held around children’s bikes to address storage issues and ways to make the properties more bike friendly to prevent community specific health issues such as childhood obesity.

Alongside Landon Bone Bakers Achitects bikeLab program, LUCHA held a Family Bike Day, where families were invited to get together to learn how to do basic bicycle repairs and learn about the various benefits of biking. The Family Day also included: bike repair diagnosis, flat tire repairs and information on bike safety rules.

LUCHA also partnered with West Town Bikes, a local non-profit that offers free or low-cost bicycle repair workshops to community members, and held its first Bicycle Repair Workshop after learning that many of the tenants in the Humboldt Park Residence needed assistance with bike maintenance, repairs and upgrades. During the workshop, tenants bonded over their love for biking. Tenants have expressed an interest in developing a bike club to organize group rides to promote health and community.

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A LUCHA Family Bike Day

During LUCHA’s Family Bike Day, families were invited to participate in FREE bike safety checks, bike decorating, and information sessions on family bike trips and routes available to them in the Greater Chicago area.

The Bike Repair Workshop

LUCHA has found that many LUCHA tenants use their bikes as their main source of transportation in Chicago. LUCHA’s biking repair workshop is part of a larger LUCHA sustainability initiative, which includes gardening, bicycling and other “green” initiatives.