606 Ordinance

In 2017, LUCHA convened like-minded community organizations to craft an ordinance that would 1) keep long-term homeowners and renters of the rapidly gentrifying Humboldt Park and Logan Square neighborhoods (the “606 Residential Area”) stably in place, and 2) maintain naturally occurring affordable housing in the area. The ordinance (“The Pilot Act for the Preservation of Affordable Housing”) as drafted by LUCHA in collaboration with community partners effectively reduces the number of property demolitions in the 606 Residential Area through enforcement of a demolition fee per affordable unit lost. The ordinance asserts that collected demolition fees are to be fed into the 606 Residential Area Affordable Housing Trust Fund. The fund empowers LUCHA and partners to maintain affordable housing in the 606 Residential Area by providing major home repairs for low to moderate-income and long-term resident households in the area. As of December 2017, the ordinance is in committee.