525 Task Force

Since 2016, LUCHA has been part of a coalition of community organizations and community developers known as the 525 Task Force. The coalition advocates for the replacement of the 525 public housing units lost in the ongoing redevelopment of the Lathrop Homes with 525 newly constructed affordable family public housing units in the immediate area.

The Task Force has garnered support from aldermen across the North side to ensure multiple neighborhoods participate in the development of these units. As such, the predominantly Latinx and African-American families who reside in these units will gain access to the North side of Chicago, an economically thriving area with excellent access to transit, employment opportunities, and public schools. As of 2017, the Task Force has influenced the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) to adapt its redevelopment plan and include 525 family-sized, public housing replacement units as well as an additional 105 public housing units. The Task Force is fundamentally and continually dedicated to eliminating barriers to affordable public housing in a racially equitable way.