2815-21 W. Division Street #NoNosVamos

This week, LUCHA stood in solidarity with tenants of 2815-21 W. Division Street  who are facing displacement from their affordable apartments if their landlord refuses to renew the building’s Section 8 contract or sell the building to an affordable housing developer who would renew the contract. Tenants are organizing within their legal rights to purchase the building in partnership with a like-minded developer in the hopes of preserving affordability and keeping families in place.

The fears of displacement and losing community connections are rampant across the City of Chicago given the affordable housing crisis — but we are HERE TO STAY! Join us in celebrating the heroes of this moment, but don’t forget to do your part to keep these families in their homes. Call the property manager at 773-447-2122 and insist that this building stay affordable. #NoNosVamos #HereToStay

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