The LUCHA Tenant Portal Is Here!

The LUCHA Tenant Portal is an internet site where LUCHA tenants can pay rent, review their payment histories, and request work orders. The portal is part of a new property management software system LUCHA is using called AppFolio. There are no fees to use the LUCHA tenant portal if you pay your rent using a checking account. A surcharge (which covers administrative processing fees) is only applied if you use a credit or debit card.

Setting Up A Tenant Portal Account

When LUCHA tenants give LUCHA their email addresses, they will receive an email from LUCHA inviting them to set up a tenant portal account.  The invitation will include a link that will take tenants to a page where they will be asked a few simple questions.  They will then be asked to create a password and then be asked to log in.  Setting up the account should take less than 2 minutes!

Paying Rent

There is a “Make A Payment” button on the portal.  Once tenants click that button they will be given 2 options:

  • Pay by e-check
  • Pay by credit card

The pay by e-check option requires that tenants have a bank account.  Tenants will be asked to give their bank account information. After supplying that information, tenants can then authorize that their rent payment be taken directly from their bank accounts and paid to LUCHA.  There are no fees charged for the e-check payment.

If tenants want to use the credit card option, they will be asked to provide credit card information.  Tenants will then be asked to authorize that their rent be charged to their credit cards.  THERE ARE FEES FOR USING THE CREDIT CARD PAYMENT OPTION.

The LUCHA Tenant Portal is operated using strict internet safety and security standards for receiving confidential financial information.  Tenants will need to be sure the computer they are sending information from is also safe and secure.

Tenants are also able to check their charges, balances, and payment history through the portal.

Making A Work Order Request

There is a Maintenance tab on the portal where tenants can click a “New Maintenance Request” button.  A box will then appear where tenants will be asked to type in their request.  There will also be an “Open Maintenance Requests” button where tenants can check the status of current maintenance requests.


  • Do you want to give LUCHA your email address so you can receive an invitation to set up a tenant portal account?
  • Do want to know more about how to get an email address?
  • Do you want to know more about how to open a bank account (read more)?
  • Other Questions?

Contact Alan Goldberg at LUCHA at 773-276-5338 x223 or

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