Supportive Services

Integration of Affordable housing and Supportive Services: Services that help people who face the most complex challenges to live with stability, autonomy, and dignity.

What we strive for in our Supportive Services Programs:

  • Tenant Centered – educating tenants on their rights and responsibilities as lease holders and actively solicits tenant feedback.
  • Accessible – Culturally sensitive, promote participation through bi-lingual, written, and oral information and discussions with groups or tenants. Tenants can participate in both group settings through the TC and one on one services with Supportive Services Counselor. Services are available and encouraged. Referrals to services in the community and monthly workshops on site for tenants to participate.
  • Coordination and Sustainability – Supportive Services, Property Management, and tenants together to achieve common goals. There is a drive to keep tenants house and overcome obstacles that challenge this.
  • Integration – Exists community and peer support.

Tenant Council – Centered around tenant empowerment, leadership, communication, and transparency


  • One year anniversary celebrated August 2014 – Party
  • Safety, crisis management

LUCHA is committed to every clients privacy. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact LUCHA at 773-276-5338.

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