Required Documents for Foreclosure Mediation

This list applies to applicants who are in foreclosure. If you are not in foreclosure, please click here for the alternate list. 

  • Copy of summons, complaint and any additional court documents
  • Signed and dated letter of hardship: describe the circumstance(s) that caused your hardship along with date hardship began. (Ex: Income loss/reduction was reduced to job loss, divorce, illness, etc. or increase in expenses due to ARM adjustment, taxes, insurance, repairs, etc.)
  • Signed & dated tax returns (last two years)
  • Federal income tax forms (last two years)
  • W-2 forms (last two years)
  • Schedules & attachments (last two years)
  • Last two months of current pay-stubs
    • If paid weekly, bring last 9 pay-stubs
    • If paid biweekly, bring last 5 pay-stubs
    • If paid monthly, bring last 4 pay-stubs
  • Documentation of income you receive from other sources: social security, pension, disability, 1099 income, contribution income, cash income, rental agreements, child support, alimony, etc.
  • If self-employed, the most recent quarterly or year-to-date profit and loss statement and three most recent business and personal bank statements
  • Property tax bill, if not escrowed
  • Insurance declaration, if not escrowed
  • Current proof of ALL income from all household members contributing to the mortgage for the last two Months
  • Current month of utility bills: gas, electric, water, telephone, etc.
  • Current month of mortgage statement
  • Last three months of current bank statements (not transaction history unless signed by bank)
  • Proof of quarterly statements from mutual funds: 401(k), 403(b), IRA, Roth, Proxy, stock or bonds (if applicable)
  • If not escrowed: photo ID and completed intake packet

Please provide copies to LUCHA staff. We will not accept original documentation nor be responsible for lost documents.

For your convenience you may scan your documents and send them via email us at You can also fax the documents to 773-489-9085.

Below are places near our office where you can make copies at an affordable rate:

  • Chicago Public Library: 1605 North Troy Street, Chicago, IL 60647
  • Chicago Public Library: 733 North Kedzie Avenue, Chicago, IL 60612
  • Currency Exchange: 801 North Kedzie Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647
  • Currency Exchange: 2745 North Division, Chicago, IL 60622

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