Dear Friends,

A family family who purchased their first home in 2015 thanks to LUCHA’s support.

As you may know, many stakeholders often use the holiday season as an opportunity to consider which charitable organizations to support. A lot has been accomplished through LUCHA during 2015, so there is a lot for you to consider about LUCHA and its impact.

To this end, I plan on sharing a number of updates with you over the next several weeks, as the LUCHA team has been quite busy with its current work as well as pursuing new endeavors. Here are just a few of the stories we’ll share with you this holiday season:

  • Creating NEW Affordable Rental Housing. LUCHA has made great headway towards breaking ground on Tierra Linda, LUCHA’s forthcoming affordable housing development which will feature green construction as well as innovations such as passive house. You’ll learn about some of our triumphs and challenges as well as what lies ahead for 2016.
  • The Addition of Legal Services. The LUCHA Law Project has grown from a part-time volunteer endeavor to a complete program which is staffed by a full-time lawyer. In addition to learning about LUCHA’s provision of housing-related legal representation and counseling to clients (including the facilitation of property tax assessment appeals), you’ll also learn about LUCHA’s education and outreach work under HUD’s Fair Housing Initiative Program.
  • Meeting Home Repair Needs. You’ll learn how LUCHA’s Community Home Improvement Program (which includes accessibility repairs for homes occupied by senior citizens, weatherization repairs which improve efficiency and livability, and flood repair and mitigation work ) not only makes our clients’ homes more livable, but also how it increases property value and decreases building code violations.
  • Home Ownership for Working Families. You ‘ll learn how LUCHA’s housing counseling work (which includes foreclosure mitigation and first-time homebuyer support) helped make the “American Dream” a reality for hundreds of families in 2015- families who are hard-working and simply need a little assistance to navigate a very difficult process.
  • My Journey as a CCT Fellow. I have had the honor to represent LUCHA as 2015 CCT Emerging Nonprofit Leader fellow. You’ll learn about how LUCHA is working to implement some of the findings I have made as part of this fellowship (which included an extensive exploration of affordable housing best practices and innovations in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East).
  • A Brand New Look & Focused Message. You’ll learn about the findings of LUCHA’s re-branding and key messaging project with the Taproot Foundation – including a summary of what lies ahead in terms of LUCHA’s overall “brand.”

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing more information with you about these and other LUCHA accomplishments during 2015. You’ll also have a chance to learn more about some of the clients we’ve served and how LUCHA has impacted their lives. During all this, I hope you’ll also consider financially supporting LUCHA’s work to effect change in ALL of the areas which are served through our mission … a mission which charges us to advance “housing as a human right.”


Juan Carlos Linares
Executive Director

Language Selector

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